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Composition Coordinator  
Fall 2020-Present

As Coordinator of First-Year Writing, I:

  • Lead regular meetings and workshops for first-year writing instructors.

  • Chair the Composition Committee, coordinate meetings and determine texts, assignments, and assessments for the writing sequence with other Composition specialists.

  • Work with administrators, staff, and faculty across the college to determine best practices, methods, and materials for writing across disciplines and communities.

  • Share information and resources from the CUNY Writing Discipline Council with Composition colleagues at MEC.

  • Work with the department chair to staff for all first-year writing courses.

  • Determine teaching and assistant staff for ALP English 112 courses. 

  • Lead workshops for ALP ENGL 112 instructors and assistants.

  • Troubleshoot faculty & student concerns related to FYC.

  • Mediate grade disputes and other issues that arise in FYC courses.

  • Aggregate and report annual data detailing enrollment, pass/fail rates, and other data related to FYC courses.

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