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Writing Program Administrator Work

Writing Across Communities Workshop, CUNY Medgar Evers College. April 2024.

Writing Across the Disciplines Workshop, CUNY Medgar Evers College. January 2019.

Graduate Assistant, WAC Faculty Fellows and Writing Fellows Program, St. John’s University. Spring 2014.

In this role, I worked under the supervision of Dr. Anne Ellen Geller to mentor and create workshops for faculty across the disciplines on how to incorporate low-stakes writing activities in their courses. Using sources such as John Bean's Engaging Ideas we helped faculty incorporate activities such as think pair shares, free writes, believing doubting and other exercises to help students synthesize academic discourse. Dr. Geller and I also supported student fellows who were paired with faculty in face-to-face and online classes to assist writing pedagogy and processes such as planning, drafting, and revision.  

The Meaningful Writing Project, Research Assistant, St. John's University. Spring 2014.

As a co-investigator with Dr. Anne Ellen Geller, and IRB approval through the St. John’s University Institute for Writing Studies, I researched outcomes of an interdisciplinary pilot writing project at St. John’s University.

I gathered data, including interviews with participants and supervised undergraduate research

team members. For more about the project you can go to The Meaningful Writing Project website.

First Year Cluster Instructor, Hofstra University. 

From 2011-2018, I worked with faculty across the disciplines at Hofstra University in the First Year Connections program. Clusters in the FYC program are sets of two or three cross-disciplinary courses, linked by a common theme, that fulfill General Education requirements.

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