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Student Work

The following examples of student work reflect my commitment to students as researchers and to teaching critical digital literacy. The work below illustrates students' use of alphabetic text, visuals, sound, and illustrations to trace their literacy histories or "translate" their understanding of a particular subject or discourse community. Permission to use these projects was obtained via IRB approval and students' consent.

A group of pre-med students in my First Year Composition course created this Tumblr blog to investigate writing in the field of medicine. The blog included a Twitter feed with expert voices in medical writing as well as interviews with pre-med faculty on campus detailing their publication process.

In Professional Business Writing, students were asked to create a business proposal for either a new product or toward solving an existing problem. One student's Drone Delivery Company is the subject of the business research, proposal and report presented via this website. You can view the entire site by clicking on the image. 

Students in my Law and Economics cluster used StoryJumper to translate the complicated concept, tax inversion, through the fairytale genre. Click on the arrow and the pages that follow to read the story. 

In Writing Studies and Composition 1, one student designed a digital literacy narrative using Click on the arrow to watch and listen to her creative presentation. 

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